Bookkeeping services

Framing bookkeeping policies for clients

Includes preparation of SOPs on various bookkeeping activities

Framing the Chart of Accounts for each client

Includes preparation of various masters like customer master, vendor masters, inventory masters etc and adequate groupings of ledgers


Preparation of invoices on real time basis and share the same with the clients/customers.

E-Way bill

Generating E-Way bill wherever applicable on real time basis.

Accounts Receivable

Includes entire receivable related accounting from order to collection in books and preparation of ageing of receivables.

Accounts payable

Includes entire payables related accounting from procure to payment which includes goods, services and capex related payable.

Cash flow management

Includes recording of inflows and outflows of cash relating to various activities

Bank Reconciliations

Complete recording all the banking transactions and reconcile the same with the books along with the review of charges

Fixed Asset Register Management

Recording of capex procurements and discard along with the working of depreciation as per various statutes as applicable.

Finalization of books

finalize the books on year end as per GAAPs, providing tax planning to minimize tax liability, making an adjustment to the year end accounts, preparing report for audits and Tax returns